November 27, 2019

Use what already exists

Given the ecological footprint of our products and goods manufacturing, it is important to extend their use and life. Renting, sharing, buying second-hand, repairing, donating are good ways to prevent these products from ending up in a landfill too quickly.

Repair your objects:
We seldom think about it, but many objects used daily can be repaired when they are defective or broken.
  • Many tutorials or repair guides (internet, books) can be found online. For example:, (in French, English and German), or the blog.
  • If the repair requires tools, borrow them or go to open workshops such as Tüftelwerk ( in Lucerne.
  • If you don’t know how to do it, look for professionals on or benefit from the growing number of Repair cafés in Switzerland:

Many links and addresses in Central Switzerland are available on the “Flicke” page of the website (in German).

Rent, borrow, share, give:
We commonly think about renting a car (for example Mobility) or borrowing books from the library but in fact many things can be borrowed, rented, shared.
  • Library systems provide inexpensive access to many books. As an alternative, find them for free or exchange them in the various book boxes available in our cities, or simply among friends.
  • At the toy library, children and adults can rent toys, board games, musical instruments, birthday party equipment, juggling equipment or outdoor equipment (Rollers, bicycles, unicycles, etc.).
  • Share everyday objects with neighbours or friends with the Pumpipumpe community showing objects that can be borrowed thanks to stickers on the mailbox. An online map lists the members of the community (in Switzerland but also in Germany and France) and what they offer. More information on the Pumpipumpe website (
  • For monetized exchanges, use platforms such as, ou
  • Cars, vans, bicycles, cargo bicycles,… vehicles can also be rented and shared. An increasing number of platforms offer this type of service.
    Find out more in your local area! Many links and addresses in Central Switzerland are available on the “Teile” page of the website (in German).
  • Finally, sell or give what you no longer use for others to enjoy it.

Buy second-hand:

To go further:
  • Challenge yourself not to buy anything new during a given timeframe.
  • Get involved in associations and organizations that deal with sharing and reparation.